What is Dinn

Dinn is an easy-to-teach expandable card game with a unique puzzle-based mystery narrative, lovingly designed for very specific people. 

Who is Dinn designed for?

Dinn is an easy-to-teach expandable card game, with a unique puzzle-based mystery narrative closely related to an alternate reality game (ARG). It is designed to be an approachable and authentic experience. We designed Dinn with the following user personas in mind.



The Relaxed Enthusiast

Meet Charlie, a casual card game enthusiast in their early thirties. They have fond childhood memories of playing trading card games with their loved ones.

Charlie enjoys the intimate experience of two-player games and is eager to delve into the art of deck building. However, their life is busy and they prefer a more relaxed gaming environment and are not keen on investing heavily in competitive games.



The Relaxed Enthusiast

Meet Alex, a narrative and puzzle enthusiast in their forties. They love a good mystery. They grew up reading whodunits, and watching detective visual media.

They enjoy self-paced narrative experiences like reading and single-player video games. They’re also fond of brainteasers, and puzzles. They love novel, curated experiences that blend narratives and puzzles.



The Cooperative Connoisseur

Meet Cameron, a game lover who could be 11 or 61. They’re someone who uses games as a medium to spend more time with the people they love. Physical board games are their ideal choice because they offer a unique in-person experience in an increasingly digital world.

They want a medium for an experience that they can share with their children, parents, partners, or close friends – sitting around a kitchen table, or on the living room floor after school or work.

What do these people have in common?

  • They want a game with a relaxed but deep gaming experience.
  • They want a game that has puzzle and narrative elements.
  • They want a game that can be played and enjoyed with a wide variety of loved ones.

With these people in mind, we designed Dinn.

Each Dinn expansion is a lovingly designed complete gaming, puzzle, and narrative experience.

Dinn doesn’t have a randomized expansion model. Anyone can start playing Dinn at any time and will have access to all of the expansions. Each expansion includes two decks, a selection of deck-building cards, and a self-contained multi-media mystery.

Our players can buy a single expansion for a board-game-like experience, or they can collect multiple expansions for a more advanced strategic and deck-building experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ever produce randomized boosters?

Dinn is designed to be an approachable and authentic experience. We believe that randomized products (such as boosters) contradict this design philosophy.

Our ideal player has to feel that they can control their financial and time investments in Dinn. While there are fantastic games that utilize a randomized product expansion model, Dinn is not, and will never be, one of them.

Does Dinn use generative art?

Dinn is designed to be an approachable and authentic experience. We believe that art created by a computer program contradicts this design philosophy.

Our ideal player values the quality and authenticity of the experience that human-created art provides. Additionally, our artists are professionals in an industry that machine-generated art is threatening, and we cannot participate in using tools that hurt members of our team.