Don Horn

The Detective

Don Horn has been a detective in the Red Desert County Sheriff’s Office for almost eight years, and in that time he’s never encountered a case like the disappearance of Natalie Neil. Everything added up so that nothing added up.

That changed when he received a voicemail from Natalie Neil, from the night she went missing, three years later. Now, he’s started looking in different directions and he’s not sure he likes what he’s finding.

Beast Deck

Play style

The Beast attribute deck focuses on famous beasts, creatures, and behemoths from myth, and legend. Everything from the mighty Leviathan, to the ferocious Minotaur, live in this deck.

The Beast attribute deck gets better the closer to defeat it gets. Like a cornered animal, your opponent must defeat you quickly, or they’ll soon regret it.

The more shattered hearts in your graveyard, the more powerful your Heroes get. Additionally, this deck is filled with Heroes that are treated as shattered hearts when they’re in the graveyard to add a new strategic element to gameplay.

Jason Morin




Aaron Bell


What is an ARG?

An ARG (Alternate Reality Game) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs multi-media storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by a community of players’ actions.

How does that break down with Dinn? Simple, each card is a puzzle or part of a puzzle.

Solve the puzzle and it will eventually lead you to a reward, and another chapter in the story.

From there, you’re welcome to share it with the community, or keep it a secret until the next person comes along!

How do I play the ARG?

Playing is simple. Simply find any Dinn card, and take a close look. Is there something in the art? In the code? In the name? If there is, do some digging and you might find yourself on a website where one of our characters has left something for you.

Do I need to buy cards to play?

No, you don’t need to own any Dinn cards to play the ARG. However, having the cards can help you as you hunt for clues, they are not necessary.