The characters

The characters of the Disappearance of Natalie Neil are hiding a secret. Can you uncover the truth? Play the game. Solve the puzzles. 


Charlie Neil

Charlie Neil was 16 when her older sister disappeared. This event acted as a catalyst in her life to start paying attention to the strange happenings in Rock Springs. She has started to unravel the bizarre events that plague her home town, and has started to wonder if her sister was just another in a long line of tragedies.

After receiving the mysterious voicemail from her sister three years after she vanished, she’s started to piece things together.


Don Horn

Don Horn has been a detective in the Red Desert County Sheriff’s Office for almost eight years, and in that time he’s never encountered a case like the disappearance of Natalie Neil. Everything added up so that nothing added up.

That changed when he received a voicemail from Natalie Neil, from the night she went missing, three years later. Now, he’s started looking in different directions and he’s not sure he likes what he’s finding.


Ava Whitehill

As the CEO of Whitehill Mining, Ava Whitehill has ripped every inch of her success straight out of the unforgiving rock of Wyoming. When she inherited her father’s mining company, she brought it back from the brink of extinction.

The events of the last few years have thrown her life into chaos, and have threatened her legacy. However, nothing threatens her legacy.


Jason Morin

Jason’s always wondered if he was doing the right thing, he doubted his calling. However, when Natalie Neil disappeared three years ago – he understood it as the sign that it was. He needed to continue moving forward, to devote himself completely to his mission.

Rock Springs has taken a lot from a lot of people, but it’s given everything to him. What other people think of as a curse, he considers a blessing. The world will never remember Jason Morin, but it will remember what he does.



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quarry: “What do you do, TOBI?” (process—-)
answer: “Primary function: Assist in the location of trisodium hydrogendicarbonate dihydrate utilizing {Input: satellite mapping}, {Input: geological data}, and {Input: AI_Algo_PRO_Final}.

quarry: “Yes, very good. Who owns you?” (process—-//—-designated redacted information—-//clearance level confirmed)
answer: “TOBI is a proprietary product of sisyphus systems & Whitehill Mining Inc.”

quarry: “Perfect. Thank you, TOBI” (process—-)
answer: “You’re welcome [REDACTED]”



Aaron Bell

Professor Bell’s favorite game has always been chess. When he was young, he and his siblings would play all the time. As he grew older a lot of the people around him stopped playing, but he’s never stopped. Now he applies the rules of chess to every day life.

After the disappearance of his brightest student, it’s become clear that someone’s breaking the rules and he’d very much like to know who’s breaking them, and why they’re being broken.