Playtesting feedback and rewards

We’re excited to have you participate in playtesting Dinn. Learn more about exclusive rewards, and our playtesting process below. 


We want to express our sincere gratitude to the members of the Dinn community who are assisting in playtesting the game. Dinn is essentially a passion project for a small team of designers, and we couldn’t design, manufacture, and deliver the products we want without your feedback. 

Submit feedback

Every time you play a game, please complete the feedback submission form
so we can accurately track reward progress.

How to play test Dinn.

The purpose of playtesting an expandable card game (ECG) like Dinn is to identify and fix any problems with the game design before it is released to the public. This includes things like:

  • Balance: Are the cards balanced in such a way that no one deck or strategy is overpowered?
  • Fun: Is the game enjoyable to play?
  • Clarity: Are the rules clear and easy to understand?
  • Interactivity: Do the cards interact with each other in interesting and meaningful ways?

As a Dinn playtester, you’re welcome to play test the game with anyone you’d like. This includes family, friends, members of the Dinn community, or fellow playtesters!

Here are some specific things that we’d encourage you to look for, and provide feedback on when testing Dinn:

  • Are there any cards that are too powerful or too weak?
  • Are there any combos or strategies that are too easy to win with?
  • Are there any cards that are confusing or difficult to understand?
  • Are there any cards that are not very useful?
  • Is the game fun to play even when you are losing?
  • Do the different cards and mechanics interact with each other in interesting and meaningful ways?
  • Are there confusing or unclear abilities or rules?

How does providing feedback look in execution?

  1. Every time you play a game of Dinn, submit feedback via the Google Survey found on this page.
  2. Include feedback on the game you played. Specifically, we’re looking for both positive and negative feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice your thoughts. We’re looking for your honest perspective. We’re especially interested in feedback that touches on the bullets above.


In an effort to express our gratitude for your willingness to help us improve Dinn, we will provide exclusive rewards when playtesters reach a certain number of games played (with feedback).

  • 25 games: exclusive, custom digital wallpapers for your desktop and mobile devices.
  • 50 games: A custom, one-of-a-kind Dinn hoodie designed specifically for the playtesters.
  • 100 games: A custom, one-of-a-kind Dinn playmat based on a sub-attribute specified by the playtester.

Additionally, all playtesters will receive a free copy of the final version of any product they playtest at the discretion of the Dinn playtesting team.

  • Trenton S 8% 8%
  • Stephen M 12% 12%
  • Gabe W 10% 10%
  • Kyle S 5% 5%
  • Jonathan R 1% 1%