Our team

Creators. Artists. Actors. Musicians. 


Dinn Staff

Joe Chenchar

Chief Research Officer

Joe brings a lifelong fascination with history, literature, and the natural world to the Dinn team.

He is known for his quirky sense of humor and ability to handle complex projects. He lives in Wyoming with his wife, Haylee. 


Haylee Chenchar

Chief Marketing Officer

Haylee owns her own consulting company (Chenchar Concepts) that provides services related to social media strategy, content marketing, brand awareness and public relations.

She is married to the Chief Research Officer of Dinn and was voted Most Likely to be First In Line for Halo 3000 in High School.


Will Dinneen

Chief Creative Officer

Will is a passionate writer, and storyteller with a background in communication and business.

He focuses on quality writing, voice acting, and business management. He is excited to bring the mysterious world of Dinn to the public.


Gabe Whittemore

Chief Executive Officer

Gabe owned a website and graphic design studio for five years prior to developing Dinn.

He is passionate and excited about the gaming community and is thrilled to bring Dinn to life.



Daniel Hincapie

Is the lead artist for Dinn, and his style is reflected on every card. He is always looking for new ways to approach style by exploring different techniques and media.


Javi Nine

Has studied graphic design in Spain for a few years, and left college to become a professional illustrator. His interests are Character design and Animation.


Gregorio Matijasevic

Is an Artist and Illustrator from Colombia. He was inspired as a child by his father who became his first artistic influence. He focuses on comic books and Illustration.


Gustavo Torres

Powers Gustav has been a professional illustrator for many years. He’s interested in topics such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.


Iftimescu Vlad (Vi.)

As a painter turned graphic designer, I strive to blend these two art forms into a personal and unconventional way of design.


Lautaro Dreiling

A graphic and motion designer. Focused on transforming the experiences of the brand through research and visual language.


Dusty hall

Dusty is Dinn’s lead composer. He holds a masters degree in film scoring and considers himself a storyteller through music.



Jon is a staff writer for Dinn with a background in playwriting. He enjoys realizing new and creative directions to take the story.