Essence Attribute Philosophy

Essence represents four of the five kingdoms of nature, natural phenomena, and the core mechanics of the universe.


Essence represents four of the five kingdoms of nature, natural phenomena, and the core mechanics of the universe. Essence is a deck inspired by the unstoppable change of the universe, including everything from celestial bodies, to single-cell organisms.


Primary attribute







Thematic tone

The Essence of the universe cannot be stopped. The Essence attribute should feel like global climate change; Foreseeable, and world-shatteringly destructive. The Essence attribute should feel like a supernova; Game-changing and complete. The Essence attribute should feel like the foreign power of a single-cell organism; dangerous and mysterious.

The Essence attribute encapsulates a wide range of categorical elements, including but not limited to:

  • Kingdom Monera (single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus – bacteria)
  • Kingdom Protista (an organism whose cells contain a cell nucleus)
  • Kingdom Plantae (Flora)
  • Kingdom Fungi (Mushrooms)
  • Viruses
  • Celestial bodies
  • Natural objects
  • Natural phenomena

Essence is ultimately home to natural events, natural bodies, organisms, and phenomena that are not easily classified into any of the other five attributes of Dinn.

Heroes in the Essence deck are unorthodox for Dinn, in that they are sometimes natural regions or landmarks that would traditionally not be considered a Hero. However, when Dinn depicts a mountain as a hero, the design consideration is that another hero can still be defeated by a mountain.

Failing to climb that mountain, failing to survive in that environment, etc.

Attribute mechanics

In mechanical practice, this means that the Essence deck changes the shape of the battlefield by interacting with zones, instead of interacting directly with Heroes.

With our first foray into Essence, we’re introducing Essence Counters. Essence Counters are one of the few game mechanics in Dinn that persist round-to-round unless otherwise destroyed (representing a spreading virus, a lumbering planet, or an encroaching climate disaster).

This allows your opponent to attempt to react to your actions by predicting what you will do with zones with large numbers of Essence counters, but ultimately not having the ability to stop whatever is about to occur.

Essence Counters are placed on a zone (Reveal zone 1, Reveal zone 2, Reveal zone 3).

  • You can create counters.
  • You can destroy counters.
  • You can count counters.

In addition to counters, the Essence attribute has the most powerful action cards in Dinn, often relying on them for victory over the more traditional equipment cards of other decks.

Finally, the Essence attribute is the only attribute with non-Hero terminate cards.