True Colors

Card Details

Card name: True Colors
Lead artist: Gregorio Matijasevic
Puzzle Status: Solved

True Color’s illustration depicts a samurai that has betrayed his two companions for a chest of cold. The illustration of this card was commissioned to further explore the Power attribute, visualizing themes of control, betrayal, and domination.

Puzzle Clues

How much does someone lose in betrayal, specifically?


True Colors is a missing character identification and translation puzzle.

The illustration depicts a samurai, having betrayed his two companions for a chest of gold. Several gold coins have spilled from the chest, and are scattered throughout the illustration.

The card’s puzzle code contains Japanese katakana (失われたコインの数), which roughly translates to “number of lost coins”. Using this translation as a hint, players count the coins scattered throughout the illustration to determine a number, combining this number with the URL hint results in the following URL:

Additionally, due to the cutting process utilized when manufacturing Dinn cards, there was a chance some coins would be obscured or lost on some versions of the card.

Due to this potentiality, multiple variations of the solution domain were registered. This made “True Colors” the first Dinn puzzle with multiple solutions.


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