Mangrove Roots

Card Details

Card name: Mangrove Roots
Lead artist: Daniel Hincapie
Puzzle Status: Solved

Mangrove Roots’ illustration depicts the roots of a mangrove tree sheltering a pool of water. Mangrove forests typically grow where slow-moving waters allow fine sediments to accumulate, and provide a striking visual.

Puzzle Clues

Solving this card’s puzzle could be destructive. The roots hold the key to this card’s mystery.


Mangrove Roots is an interactive illustration puzzle.

The card’s puzzle code contains no hint beyond an asterisk indicating that there are multiple characters before the top-level domain.

In order to solve the puzzle, the player must visually separate the art of the card from the body of the card along the decorative green paint stroke divider. The art must then be layered on top of the body of the card, where the tips of the mangrove roots will align with letters in the card’s ability text.

The least destructive way to accomplish this is to capture the card’s face digitally (via photo, scanner or some other means) and utilize any common photo editing software to layer individual elements. The most destructive way to accomplish this layering would be to physically cut the card along the paint stroke divider.

The tips of the mangrove roots will align with letters in the card’s ability text in such a way that when applied to the top-level domain, the result is the following:


Coming soon.