Iron Cauldron

Card Details

Card name: Iron Cauldron
Lead artist: Daniel Hincapie
Puzzle Status: Solved

Humanity has been using cauldrons as far back as the bronze age. Modern media has inexorably linked cauldrons with depictions of witchcraft, and sorcery. We can likely thank William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth for this cultural touchstone.

With its frequent depiction in popular media, the decision to illustrate a cauldron as a Horror card was simple.

Puzzle Clues

Whitehill Mining’s website holds the secret to this card.


Iron Cauldron is a missing character identification and translation puzzle. 

The cauldron depicts a series of symbols. Players can find translations for these symbols on the Whitehill Mining website. Translating the code results in the following URL:


Coming soon.