Horrific Stinger

Deck Details

Card name: Horrific Stinger
Lead artist: Sergio Blandón Quintero
Puzzle Status: Unsolved

Jellyfish are an ancient species and have likely existed on earth for more than 500 million years. This makes them twice as old as the dinosaurs. Jellyfish are an especially interesting creature that we plan on revisiting in the future. Horrific stinger depicts a vibrant orange jellyfish of no particular species, in a vast ocean of blue. 

Puzzle Clues

This is an exponential equation. Pay special attention to the number of tentacles, and any glyphs the tentacles might make. 


Horrific stinger is a missing character identification and mathematics puzzle.

Utilizing mathematical placeholder symbols in the puzzle itself communicates to the player that they’re missing two numbers. Those numbers are nine (the number of tentacles of the jellyfish), and eight (A number made by the coiling shape of the far right tentacle). 

Once the missing numbers have been identified, the player needs to perform an exponential equation on both potential combinations and search for the results. Nine to the power of eight. Appending the result with “.com” will allow the player to solve the puzzle (43046721.com).


Coming soon.