Heart of the Wild

Deck Details

Card name: Heart of the Wild
Lead artist: Gustavo Torres
Puzzle Status: Solved

This card’s illustration depicts a beautiful, natural mountain range. Very likely the home of a wide variety of beasts. Although nature and natural processes have a dedicated attribute in Essence, the Beast attribute frequently features natural landscapes or environments due to them being so closely related. 

Puzzle Clues

This puzzle is a keyword cipher. Additionally, the illustration is of a specific place, and this specific place is the keyword needed to solve this cipher.


Heart of the Wild is a visual context-based keyword cipher puzzle.

After players identify that this card’s illustration depicts a famous vista of Yosemite national park, they can then use “YOSEMITE” as the keyword in a word scramble cipher.

When “YOSEMITE” is used as the keyword on the keyword scramble, you’ll return “pleasehelpmehelpme”. Appending the result with “.com” will allow the player to solve the puzzle (pleasehelpmehelpme.com).


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