Assembly Line

Deck Details

Card name: Assembly Line
Lead artist: Gregorio Matijasevic
Puzzle Status: Solved

Assembly Line’s illustration depicts the destructive first step in a large mechanical operation designed to create new machines out of metal scrap. Given’s focus on destructive process is on full display with the illustration of this card. 

Puzzle Clues

Pay special attention to the larger scrap metal pieces along the conveyor belt. There’s a binary sequence there. 


Assembly Line is a missing character identification and translation puzzle.

The card’s puzzle code contains the phrase “A computer is fairly black and white”. Large segments on the conveyor belt are meant to signify binary. Two large pieces of scrap on a segment equal a “1”, and one large piece of scrap on the belt equals a “0”.

The puzzle code italicizes “computer” which is the top-level domain of the puzzle, and then it references black and white, which is a synonym for binary.

Applying this logic to the card results in the following URL:


Coming soon.