40 Years

Deck Details

Card name: 40 Years
Lead artist: Natalia Manzano
Puzzle Status: Solved

40 Years’ illustration depicts an old man standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a desert. The focus of the illustration was loneliness and an implication of a long journey. This illustration was thematically based on the story of Moses and the Israelites 40 years in the desert.

Puzzle Clues

Another classic cipher, but this time, you might need a book. 


The card’s puzzle code contains an Ottendorf cipher. When the in-bracket characters are substituted for their counterparts in the name of the card “40 Years”, where the 1st letter is equal to 4, and the 2nd letter is equal to 0, you get the following: 0195290003 156-21-30-31-40 (.com).

The above code is split into two parts, an ISBN (0195290003) for a specific version of the Oxford Study Bible, and the Ottendorf cipher itself, which when applied to the Oxford Study Bible, results in the following words “wary” “you” “have” “for”.

Appending the top-level domain outlined in the puzzle code results in the following URL:



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