Deck Details

Card name: Perseus
Lead artist: Daniel Hincapie
Puzzle Status: Solved

Perseus’ illustration features his mythological confrontation with Medusa. The perspective of the illustration was designed to allow us to revisit this myth in the future.

Puzzle Clues

Pay special attention to Perseus’ shield.


Perseus utilizes a hidden character and interpretation puzzle to complete the partial URL on the bottom of the card.

If you examine the card closely, you’ll notice that Perseus’ shield has a series of Greek characters that alternate with the missing characters in the URL puzzle code.

Sigma = Σ

Omega = Ω

Delta = Δ

Phi = Φ

When you convert these characters to their English spelling equivalent and combine them with the partial URL on the bottom of the card you would find the following URL:

When visiting this URL, you are presented with an audio recording of Charlie Neil. After downloading this file and examining the meta-data, you will find the puzzle completion link.


Coming soon.