Deck Details

Card name: Joyeuse
Lead artist: Javi Nine
Puzzle Status: Solved

Joyeuse features Charlemagne’s famous sword, housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. 

The illustration specifically depicts the weapon in its modern setting both for aesthetic and puzzle purposes.

Puzzle Clues

Maybe a simple search would reveal the truth.


Joyeuse is a story-based contextual search puzzle. The Joyeuse illustrated in the card is in its case in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

The sword has subtle differences when compared to the real Joyeuse. These differences are communicating that the sword in this illustration is not in our reality, it is the Joyeuse set in the alternate reality of the Disappearance of Natalie Neil.

The art plaque is specifically a reference to the Nebula Galaxy Cafe, which is in turn referenced in several media elements throughout Chapter Pack 1.

The purpose of this card is to allude to the importance of the “Nebula Galaxy” cafe.

If a player was to decide to search for the Nebula Galaxy Cafe website with Rock Springs as additional search criteria, they will find the cafe website is available to view.

If a player selects the employee login link at the bottom of the website, they will find themselves presented with a password-protected page. Using the puzzle code at the bottom of the card “Synthetic” as a password grants access to a page with additional media and a contact form to complete the puzzle.


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