Final Strike

Deck Details

Card name: Final Strike
Lead artist: Javi Nine
Puzzle Status: Solved

Final Strike’s illustration depicts a matador in a duel with a bull. Unbeknownst to him, another bull has broken free and is charging from behind. Which final strike will land first?

Puzzle Clues

A classic cipher.


Final Strike is an illustration-based caesar cipher. The illustration depicts a poster with a series of characters behind the primary subject of the card. Additionally, a member of the audience is holding up a sign depicting the number “17”. Applying a Caesar cipher with a shift of 17 to the characters depicted on the poster presents players with “BULL FIGHTER”.

Completing the URL by using the decoded characters results in the following URL:

Following this URL will send players to a website that hosts an image that contains the URL of the puzzle completion form.


Coming soon.