Beast Starter Deck

Deck Details

Deck name: Beast Starter Deck
Lead artist: Daniel Hincapie
Puzzle Status: Solved

The Beast Starter Deck is one of two decks in The Disappearance of Natalie Neil, Part I. 

This starter deck was inspired by the stories of beasts found throughout history. Featuring mythical creatures like the Leviathan, and fearsome minotaur. As you play this deck, your opponents will soon learn that a cornered animal is the most dangerous.

Puzzle Clues

Pay attention to Don Horn’s notes. He’s on to something, it looks like there are hidden characters in the art of some of the cards. Start with the Great Sphinx. 


The Beast Starter Deck puzzle utilizes hidden characters in several cards, which when ordered correctly will complete a URL that navigates players to a website.

The puzzle was designed to be an introductory art examination puzzle. The hint card in this deck is designed to introduce players to the concept of searching cards for hidden characters. When following Don Horn’s notes throughout the cards, players will discover missing characters in a specific order. These characters form the following URL (OXWLWOQHPZVXOT.COM) which forwards players to

This website is an FTP site that appears to be storing some of Don Horn’s voice memos from the mysterious disappearance of Natalie Neil. We encourage our players to listen carefully to these audio files.


Colin U. solved this puzzle on February 4, 2021.