Devil’s Snare

Deck Details

Card name: Devil’s Snare
Lead artist: Gustavo Torres
Puzzle Status: Solved

Datura stramonium, known by the common name Devil’s Snare, is an exceptionally poisonous flower that belongs to the nightshade family. This illustration depicts the plant, growing with an ancient metal band along its stem.

Puzzle Clues

Colors are very important.


Devil’s Snare is a contextual missing character identification and conversion puzzle. The metal band around the stem of the Devil’s Snare is covered in a series of runes. Translating these runes to English results in the word “name”.

Completing the URL by replacing the word “puzzle” with the name of the card, and replacing the word “color” with the color of the attributes of the card results in the following URL:

Following the URL will send players to a Google Drive folder that contains a series of files. One of these files contains the URL of the puzzle completion code.


Coming soon.