DINN’s alternate
reality game


Three years ago, Natalie Neil disappeared without a trace – and one of the six characters of Dinn knows what happened. As the community solves the puzzles hidden in every chapter pack and starter deck, they will discover the truth and change the direction of the story.

Step 1

Find a card


The first step is simple. Find a card, or an image of a card.

You don’t need to own a copy of the card to attempt to solve each puzzle.

Every card in Dinn is also a puzzle with it’s own unique reward. The first person to solve the puzzle for each card will receive a reward. Usually this reward will be a rare print of a card.

Step 2

Solve the puzzle


Every single card is a puzzle. Solving these puzzles will navigate you through a maze of custom-built clues: websites, professionally recorded audio-files, blog posts, and videos.

Every element of a card can be part of its puzzle. Its art, name, attributes, ability, and identification codes are all items we’ll use to craft puzzles.

You will have to take each element into consideration when attempting to solve a puzzle.

Step 3

CLaim the reward

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you’ll often be pointed in the direction of a website, key-phrase, or online solution. Sometimes this is the end of a puzzle, and sometimes it is the beginning of a bigger puzzle.

The end of every puzzle will allow a player to contact us, and have an exclusive reward mailed to them.

Additionally, each attribute is associated with a character in the overarching story – solving puzzles associated with their attribute will progress their goals and shape the outcome of the story for every player.