Dinn Final Illustration Vote – Goch Dragon

Sep 9, 2023

Card background

The red dragon (“goch” being “red” in Welsh) is a heraldic symbol representing Wales. This depiction is inspired by a story from Historia Brittonum in which Vortigern, the King of the Britons, is attempting to build a stronghold, only to have his building materials constantly disappear. The cause is eventually discovered to be two dragons fighting underneath the site: a red dragon, representing the native Britons; and a white dragon, representing the Anglo-Saxons. Goch Dragon’s art imagines an actual dragon standing atop the Welsh countryside, ready to fight against a recently spotted enemy.

Help us decide

When we commission a new card illustration, we’re presented with multiple sketches that represent possible final art directions.

Vote for whichever concept is your favorite; the one with the most votes will determine the final direction of the card!