Chapter 2: Iron Cauldron

by | Jul 4, 2022

We are excited to announce that the Chapter Pack 2 puzzle hidden in Iron Cauldron has been solved, unlocking a bonus card in the upcoming Chapter Pack 3, and changing the direction of Ava Whitehill’s story.

Card Details

Card name: Iron Cauldron

Release: Chapter Pack 2

Artist: Daniel Hincapie

Puzzle Designer: Joe Chenchar & Gabriel Whittemore

Puzzle Difficulty: Moderate

First Puzzle Solver: Michael Andersen

Design Direction: Iron Cauldron’s illustration depicts a witch’s cauldron. For decades, cauldrons have been associated with magic, witches, and the occult in western pop culture. This association made it an excellent candidate for a horror card.


Iron Couldron is a missing character identification and translation puzzle.

A fictional native language is depicted on a cave wall. Whitehill Mining’s website has a photo of it in the background of an image.

A fictional in-universe language is referenced on the Whitehill Mining website. Utilizing that reference as a resource, players can translate the symbols in the illustration, and complete the missing URL.

Triangle is equal to the word “Top”
Circle is equal to the word “Sun”
Square is equal to the word “Home”
Half-Circle is equal to the word “Moon”

Compiling the URL by translating the symbols into English words results in the following URL:

The URL leads players to the transcript of a company-wide email from Ava Whitehill communicating the importance of Whitehill Mining employees staying out of automated mines.

#1 Michael Anderson