by | Apr 3, 2022

The Horror attribute deck focuses on iconic monsters and horrible creatures throughout history. The Heroes that lurk in the heart of the Horror deck live up to their name. This deck utilizes the fear of the unknown. The Hero you play at the beginning of the turn, may not be the Hero in play at the end of your turn. Keep your opponent on their toes as you exchange the Heroes on the field with Heroes in your hand at different points in the game. The Horror starter deck is available in our shop now!

Card Details

Deck name: Horror Starter Deck

Release: Season 1

Puzzle Designer: Joe Chenchar & Gabriel Whittemore

Puzzle Difficulty: Difficult

First Puzzle Solver: Tom Stewart

Design Direction: The Horror Starter Deck depicts reenvisioned horror icons throughout history. The Horror Starter Deck puzzles utilizes all 36 playable cards within the deck to create one large-scale puzzle.


The Horror Starter Deck is an alphabetical illustration based long-form mathematics puzzle that uses numbers hidden in the art of each card in conjunction with the mathematical symbols in the puzzle code of each card to create a formula. 

However, there are two components of this deck that make this puzzle one of Dinn’s hardest to date. The first is that the player must correctly deduce that the puzzle utilizes the order of operations in conjunction with an alphabetized list of cards, which although simple, adds a level of complexity when not expecting it. 

The second is the “Magic Mirror” card. This card is utilized as a hint to the player that they should reverse the entire formula to arrive at the correct answer.

If the player correctly identifies these two elements, the solution to the formula is “1,539”. In conjunction with the “.rocks” top-level domain will result in “1339.rocks” which redirects the player to “whmining.com“. 

This website is the public face of the Whitehill Mining Corporation, and one of the many keys to the disappearance of Natalie Neil.