Chapter 1: Fire of Prometheus

by | Jan 27, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Chapter Pack 1 puzzle hidden in Fire of Prometheus has been solved, unlocking a bonus card in the upcoming Chapter Pack 2, and changing the direction of Jason Morin’s story.

Card Details

Card name: Fire of Prometheus

Release: Chapter Pack 1

Artist: Natalia Manzano

Puzzle Designer: Joe Chenchar & Gabriel Whittemore

Puzzle Difficulty: Introductory

First Puzzle Solver: Juan Romero

Design Direction: Fire of Prometheus’ illustration features the mythological god preparing to bring fire to humanity. The illustration masterfully depicts the grand nature of the gesture and encapsulates the upcoming Divine attribute.


Fire of Prometheus is a missing character identification puzzle. 

The space between the pillars behind the primary subject of the illustration resemble the missing characters in the puzzle code at the bottom of the card.

Completing the URL with the missing characters results in the following URL:

The URL navigates players to an Imgur gallery that hosts a series of images. One image contains the link to the puzzle completion form.