Chapter 1: Perseus

by | Jan 27, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Chapter Pack 1 puzzle hidden in Perseus has been solved, unlocking a bonus card in the upcoming Chapter Pack 2, and changing the direction of Charlie Neil’s story.

Card Details

Card name: Perseus

Release: Chapter Pack 1

Artist: Daniel Hincapie

Puzzle Designer: Joe Chenchar & Gabriel Whittemore

Puzzle Difficulty: Introductory

Puzzle Solver: Profool

Design Direction: Perseus’ illustration features his mythological confrontation with Medusa. The perspective of the illustration was designed to allow us to revisit this myth in the future.


Perseus utilizes a hidden character and interpretation puzzle to complete the partial URL on the bottom of the card.

If you examine the card closely, you’ll notice that Perseus’ shield has a series of greek characters that alternate with the missing characters in the URL puzzle code.

Sigma = Σ
Omega = Ω
Delta = Δ
Phi = Φ

When you convert these characters to their English spelling equivalent and combine them with the partial URL on the bottom of the card you would find the following URL:

When visiting this URL, you are presented with an audio recording of Charlie Neil. After downloading this file and examining the meta-data, you will find the puzzle completion link.