Chapter 1: Eagle’s Talon

by | Jan 27, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Chapter Pack 1 puzzle hidden in Eagle’s Talon has been solved, unlocking a bonus card in the upcoming Chapter Pack 2, and changing the direction of Don Horn’s story.

Card Details

Card name: Eagle’s Talon

Release: Chapter Pack 1

Artist: Natalia Manzano

Puzzle Designer: Joe Chenchar & Gabriel Whittemore

Puzzle Difficulty: Introductory

First Puzzle Solver: Juan Romero

Design Direction: Eagle’s Talon depicts an American Bald Eagle snatching its prey out of a lake. We specifically wanted a series of natural scenes for the Beast attribute, and Eagle’s Talon is the first of many to come!


Eagle’s Talon is an illustration based missing character identification puzzle. The illustration depicts an eagle with multicolored feathers along its wing. These multicolored feathers are grouped in sequences. Completing the URL by using the numbers of grouped feathers results in the following URL:

Following this URL will send players to an audio hosting website with a link to the puzzle completion form.