by | Dec 23, 2020

We are excited to announce that the Sentient Starter Deck puzzle has been solved, unlocking a bonus card in the forthcoming Season Summary Pack, and moving Charlie Neil’s story forward.

Puzzle Solver: Colin U.

Puzzle Developer: Thomas Loyd & Gabriel Whittemore

Story Writer: Jon Chenchar, Will Dinneen & Gabriel Whittemore


The Sentient Starter Deck puzzle utilizes an incomplete URL in the bottom of each card. To complete this URL, you must solve the deck’s puzzle.

If you imagine a 9X26 grid, where each card in the deck takes up two slots, you can arrange the cards to spell the missing numbers and letters of the domain.

The two hint cards in this deck are designed to introduce players to the concept of a grid-based puzzle. 

Scutum: This card depicts several card like shields divided by an ornate line. Roman characters on the scutum in this illustration replicate how the cards in this puzzle operate. 

A Warship Emerges:  This card is has a simple, but esoteric hint. The puzzle for the Sentient Starter Deck is inspired by the classic two-player wargame Battleship. The illustration on this card is an allusion to that game!

When the incomplete URL (GMWDKSG_____.COM) has the characters “3801H” added to it, you are presented with the completed URL (GMWDKSG3801H.COM) which forwards players to

This website is a blog written by the character Charlie Neil – and contains valuable information that will be used in further puzzles and story elements. We encourage all of our players to explore the website and learn more about the world of Dinn.

Special congratulations to Colin U. for solving our first puzzle!