by | Dec 23, 2020

We are excited to announce that the Beast Starter Deck puzzle has been solved, unlocking a bonus card in the forthcoming Season Summary Pack, and moving Don Horn’s story forward.

Puzzle Solver: Colin U.

Puzzle Developer: Thomas Loyd & Gabriel Whittemore

Story Writer: Jon Chenchar, Will Dinneen & Gabriel Whittemore


The Beast Starter Deck puzzle utilizes hidden characters in several cards, which when ordered correctly will complete a URL that navigates players to a website.

The puzzle was designed to be an introductory art-examination puzzle.

The hint card in this deck is designed to introduce players to the concept of searching cards for hidden characters. 

Great Sphinx: This card depicts several an easily visible hidden character, and introduces players to the starting point of the puzzle. 

When following Don Horn’s notes throughout the cards, players will discover missing characters in a specific order. These characters form the following URL (OXWLWOQHPZVXOT.COM) which forwards players to

This website is an FTP site that appears to be storing some of Don Horn’s voice memos from the mysterious disappearance of Natalie Neil. We encourage our players to listen carefully to these audio files.

Special congratulations to Cuken for solving our first puzzle!